Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dream Catcher Tutioral

I have been noticing a trend towards tribal embellishments in scrapbooking lately and one I particularly liked was the use of a dream catcher on some patterned paper that I saw. It got me thinking about creating my own dream catcher with some of the wonderful Memory Maze chipboard.
With chippie, water paint, gesso, paint brush, Dimensional Magic and twine in hand I put the thinking cap on and came up with this.........
Choose a circular shape for the body of the dream catcher and paint it white with some gesso. 
Pop out a few of the micro feathers from their base and paint them white with gesso. 
Once the gesso is dry paint some of the ends of the feather with water paint.
 Using water colour paint the circular base
- start with the darkest colour and build up to the light otherwise the lighter colours will not show clearly.  As a side note I wanted to point your attention to the paper underneath the dream catcher - It is a piece of white cardstock and as I changed the colour of my paints as I painted the dream catcher I whipped the excess paint on it to clean out my brush. Team that with my messy style of painting chipboard there were some interesting drips and patterns on it instead of throwing it away I used it as the base of my layout, even though I didn't plan on using it originally I just had to when I noticed how nice it looked.
Next make a small ball of twine and wrap around the circular base.
 Use some Dimensional Magic to stick the twine to the cardstock by wrapping the twine around the shaft of the feathers.
Here is the completed dream catcher - very simple to make but looks so to add it to a layout.
Because that dream catcher looks great all by itself I decided to use it as the main embellishment on the page and keep things simple. I used the cardstock I told you about earlier as the base and gave it a small spray through a mask with some orange mist, added some confetti and the title and finished layout.

Some close ups of the dream catcher.
Memory Maze Product used:
Pinked Circles: Product ID IO264

Micro Feather": Product ID SO747

Well I hoped you enjoyed my tutorial and if you do make a dream catcher please get in contact and show me how yours turns out.

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  1. Amazing, looks fantastic what a really great idea