Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My first ever blog post! ~ Danice Hamilton

This is so very exciting, my work being seen by all of you and I just hope I have done the Memory Maze products justice!
This layout is for me, I like this photo especially because if you know what you are looking at, you will know thats washi tape in the background, (I might even admit thats not even a quarter of my stash!) and it gave me a chance to use this finely detailed and delicate Mannequin that I covered in opal kindy glitz, I wanted to keep the delicacy of the skirt visible and I added some of the kindy glitz to a white mulberry rose in amongst some violet/purple shaded roses.

Mulberry paper wild roses
Wrought iron large mannequin

This gorgeous wee lass was snapped on a tractor at the Hamilton Field Days, and just happened to be perfect for the Tractor embellishment

And finally, this is a photo taken at the local beach with my dog Micky, He features alot in my layouts because he is my wee treasure, and hes so patient with me all the time!
I spread out the matt board squares out and sprayed them all with a light coating of tattered angels chalk mist, then one by one I removed the smallest and each time I resprayed the remaining ones to get a monochrome set of gorgeous frames to compliment the coordinating paper finishing with a double frame around the photo. I used adhesive to attach My Treasure to the photo to make it really stand out.

 used: Matt board square set
My Treasure from the Sweet word sheet
Thank you for checking out my layouts, stay tuned to see what fun things I can do next month too!


  1. Love all your creations Danice

  2. Totally stunning, I love the one of the coast! your making me miss home :-)