Saturday, May 2, 2015

Love Frame and Rooster Card by Jodie Mason

Welcome back to another post from Memory Maze. With the weather outside on the east coast of Australia being so horrible at the moment it is the perfect time to do some crafting. Want to see what I've been working on?

Love Frame

I started this frame by tracing around the border pieces down the two sides of the frame piece. I then filled in these sections with Liquid Pearls to give some more dimension to my base piece. The border pieces were then glued down in position with craft glue and once everything had dried it was all given a coat of white gesso. The arrow ends were removed from the border pieces so that these sat flush with the edges of the base piece. I found some metal accents from my stash and stuck these on with gel medium, and once again covered the entire piece (minus the love accent as can be seen in this picture) in a coat of gesso. I then just went over the metal accents with another coat of gesso.

I then added some white flowers from my stash to the piece, and again used gel medium to stick them down. After this it was time to get down and dirty. I added some Tattered Angels sprays, Ranger Adirondack inks and Pearl Ex to the entire piece in various colours of greens, yellows, browns and reds. I continued on until I was happy with the colour. The love embellishment has had black ink wiped over it to help it stand out. I have added some metal keys with some split rings to finish it off.

Now I just want to get a picture of my mother and my 3 kids on Mother's Day to put inside the frame and include a little quote saying 'You've got the keys to our Hearts'. Do you think that will work?

Memory Maze pieces Used: 

Rooster Card

Using the new set of Nested Octagons I have created this card by covering all of the pieces in a coat of white gesso. I have taken 2 identical images from a napkin and used these to cover the chipboard pieces. Once a coat of gel medium over the top had dried it was time to put these together. Applying a layer of gel medium to the underside of the centre piece (around the outside edges), this is then stuck down onto the 2nd piece of chipboard (the second smallest one). You must make sure that you line up the image as best you can before it dries in place, and wipe away any excess medium that comes through the top of the shapes. Continue in this manner until all of your chipboard pieces are stuck together and your image is formed. Let this dry. For the card base I have traced around the outside of the largest chipboard piece onto a piece of 12 1/4" card stock 3 times. 2 of these share one side in common (the fold line). Cut the 2 shapes out of the cardstock and fold the larger one in half, so you should now have 2 full sized octagons (1 is a single layer and the other is a double layer). Glue the single layered one to the back of your chipboard image. With one side of the double layered piece fold this in half so that the edge meets the other fold line. Now put glue over the bottom half of your chipboard image and stick this to the section you just made (so the outer edge is at the bottom and the new fold line is at the halfway mark of your chipboard image). Let this dry and you have now created your easel card.

Memory Maze pieces used:

And while I'm at it I thought that I would give you a sneak peak at something else I created during the week, and it features one of the beautiful Ballerina charms from Memory Maze. More pictures and details can be found on my blog here.

Until next time,

Happy Crafting.

Jodie Mason.
Memory Maze Design Team Member 2015


  1. Wow Weee Jodie you have come up with some beautiful pieces they are all truly the chocolate box!!!

    1. Thanks Jan. Always great to be able to make things that put smiles on others faces.

  2. Anonymous5/03/2015

    Love your work Jodie, love the rooster card and the tips on how to make it, thank you so much for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Lauren. There are so many different uses for chipboard pieces, they are that versatile. Always happy to help out with tips and tricks if you would like some.

  3. I absolutely love the colours of that frame. Just stunning.