Monday, February 3, 2014

Tracey Cam'pbell's February Reveal

Well the kids are all back at school now and hopefully you got some great photos of them. So now is the time to print off those photos and get scrapping them whilst your thoughts and feelings are still fresh in your mind. So this month we are concentrating of getting those school photos scrapped.
This post I want to demonstrate that you do not need a stack of products to make your layout shine, with just a few pieces of chipboard you can add the finishing touch and create a master piece.

Just the Start

This layout is of Bronte's first day in Year One last year. I wanted the attention to be on the photo so I used a simple background of old dictionary paper and some ink splatters. I wanted to keep the embellishments simple so I used the banners, the geo tag and the letters from the Memory Maze chipboard range. Simply a matter of applying some purple and blue calligraphy ink to chipboard to give them a really dark tone.

 Memory Maze Product Used:
Flat Banners Words: Sweet, Smile and Happy
Letters and Numbers: K0001

Geo Tags: Too new for a photo and stock number just ask Sally in an e-mail when you
place your order.

School Days

This is one of the few photos I got of Bronte going off on her first day of Year Two this year. I was told not to bring my camera to school. :( A sign that she is growing older.  On this layout I used a black stamp pad over the chipboard to give it the solid black colour. And peaking out behind the photo in the background is one of our new Poly Templates "Big Bricks", such fun to use.

 Memory Maze Product Used:
Letters and Numbers: K0001
Months: S0630
Scribble: Z0044
Poly Template: Big Bricks

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you have gotten some back to school ideas for your pages.

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