Sunday, March 15, 2015

A hint of Africa with Sally McIntyre.

Wow can not believe how much fun I have had in the last few weeks. Lots of inky fingers, Gesso on my clothing and face, and gloss everywhere.

My first piece is called Out of Africa,and allows space for 3 photos in one of our new across the page frames.
This was so much fun.

Out Of Africa

 Initially I have sprayed over  the stencil with metallic ink spray that I make from food coloring and water with a touch of  perfect pearl powder . This was onto a piece of paper in light greens that I wondered why I ever bought it.

I have then applied this to a spotted embossed paper .
My giraffes (yes I  have a thing about giraffes) I did with stamp pads of various colors  onto  a piece of glad wrap, with dots of gold perfect pearls.
To accent the giraffes, I used a black stamp pad,and perfect pearl dots.

A few torn edges helped add the effect I was looking for.

My frame is one of the new across the page frames that allows for 3 photos. I love the way you can use it either way. I colored it by taking a piece of tulle and using a stamp pad too add color in the tiny dots. I then added clear gloss.

Below is the completed page.

Now I have decided to add all to a larger canvas. 
I have added random dots with Gesso and a new stencil and  strings for effect.

Added some green ink dots with a pipette and a quick random spray.

I added the huge maxi butterfly which I sprayed with Gesso and then inks as before to the piece .

Just loving it. I know a couple of grand kids who will find photos for me.
Memory Maze supplies:

My next post is called Happy Days

Really all about Giraffes again?

This time I have used texture paste to the frame to  add dimension before coloring with a yellow stamp pad. Edging with grey.

The giraffes I  covered with paper and added accents with a black stamp pad.
I then cut paper into 3 mm. strips and rolled around a pencil for effect.
Added a  title colored with ink and gloss and metallic tops to the frame.

 This allows for adding 3 photos to your layout .

Memory Maze supplies used:
Across the page frame

Happy Days

happydays 170x50 min buy 3

Sally McIntyre
2015 Memory Maze Design Team


  1. Wow Sally they are amazing so love it :)

  2. Just stunning, love that butterfly and the giraffes are cuties!

  3. I love the Giraffe's. They just work so well.