Saturday, May 16, 2015

Stain Glass Butterfly Tutorial with Tracey Campbell

Do you like the look of stain glass? If so keep reading and you will learn a quick and easy way to create one with some of our Memory Maze Chipboard.

1. Take a Memory Maze Chipboard piece that has some space cut out of it. I have chosen the Large Butterfly 2 S0060 chipboard

2. Separate the chipboard into three separate pieces. As the chipboard is so thick and such great quality it is easy to do with success.

3. These are the three butterflies from the one chipboard piece. You will note that the chipboard piece that was in the middle of the layers will be slightly rough on both sides, while the outer edge pieces will be smoother. Take note of which is which as you will need the middle piece in a minute.

4. Mix some PVA craft glue with a tiny amount of ink or mist.

5. Lay the butterfly chipboard piece on some plastic or wax paper. Using a skewer fill up the cut-out details of the middle chipboard piece with the coloured glue. Taking care not to leave any gaps or over fill the cut-out details.

6. Keep filling until all the details are full. As this will once again be the middle piece it does not matter how messy it long as the colours do not bleed together.

7. Take the two outer layers (make sure that you have the smooth edges up) and heat embosses with grey or silver.

8. Once the coloured glue is dry gently peel off the plastic or wax paper.

9. With a little bit of gentle prying it will come off in one piece.

10. Glue the embossed outer layers back onto the coloured middle layer. I used Glossy Accents as it dries clear. I did have to put plastic on both sides of my butterfly and place a heavy item on top to weigh the layers down for a little bit until the glue dried.

The finished stain glass butterfly held up to a cloudy sky.

In a different light to see the difference the light can make.

Hope you enjoyed my stain glass window butterfly.



  1. Such an easy but fantastic way to use chippy and some basic products. Looks great.