Friday, November 11, 2016

Frame with a Difference!

Hi everyone,
Marelle back again, this time with something a little different - I am showing you how to customise one of the many beautiful chipboard frames in the Memory Maze product range.

First of all I lightly covered the frame with gesso, then used liquid glue to cover the frame.  I then proceeded to sprinkle (quite a thick layer) of SAND - yes beach SAND! (lucky I live close to the beach!)
Next I mixed some black, navy and white acrylic paint together and painted over the sand (once it had dried).  I then sprinkled randomly Glass Glitter from Prima (one of my all time faves) while the paint was still wet.

The end result is amazing - I turned the chipboard frame into an "antique looking" texturised frame that can be used as home decor with a quote inside, on scrapbooking pages, in art journals - the its is endless!

Remember never stop experimenting crafters - you just never know what you will create!

Until next time


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