Monday, July 15, 2013

Kim's Dt reveal.

Hi Everyone

Kim form the Uk here with July's projects, this month I have really enjoyed using some of the new chippies from Memory Maze and wow they have been so gorgeous and huge.
This First card is an Easel card as we call them and I Used the Prima Engraver pad to make the backing designs.  I  used The wedding 1 couple in black and gold as a silhouette and the Time clock piece in a lantern too, I added metal Hands and some extra metal embellishments through out the

 here is a close up of the Measurement bar i used to hold the easel open.
And of course the gorgeous clock.
The clock                         &                 This is the Wedding couple. 

The next project Started as lots of small envelopes added together with
 small sayings for a birthday  and to appreciate a friendship.
Each of the little card slipped inside its own Pocket all snug.
Here you can see the Happy birthday and the Little flower on the tag all chippie. Also each pocket is 
also covered in paper and has flowers on the pretty paper.
 You can just see all the pockets with the tags inside here , I also added some small handmade 
flowers to the front of the little pocket book.

Here is the front.

This is it for me I hope you liked these projects and enjoyed seeing some of my items, It's been several months since I started this journey and I am so happy to have brought you the items I have made adding the chippie embellishments along the way.
Enjoy the rest of July and have a great day

Much Love



  1. Great work Kim, love what u have done with the first ones chippies

  2. Great work Kim,i really like your card

    1. Thanks Trish I appreciate that x

  3. Very special ideas Kim.Love your little book with sayings. It is similar to a paper bag album

    1. Thankyou Julene, gonna miss working with you all.x

  4. I love your special birthday book and the wedding card is lovely too. Keep up the good work and enjoying what you do.