Thursday, February 5, 2015

Creative Process continues with Toni

Good afternoon, I trust that you've all had a lovely day so far.
Mine of course has been filled by my two boys.
Classroom helper for my Preppie and running around with some Swimming Rep forms for my new High Schooler. Who even though he has a broken thumb, still managed to get selected into the District Rep Team side.
Thank you for coming back this afternoon, the creative process continues as I share with you a Canvas made featuring a photo of my Grandma in her younger youngers and a gorgeous Mannequin chipboard piece.
Don't worry, this post is going to be shorter than this mornings introductory post.
Again, I'll start with a photo of what I gather together for the project.
I was actually at my Mum's house when I created this. She has all the best goodies, so I had fun making this one! In fact, my boys like scrapping with my too.
 Hunter assisted (or directed) with this particular canvas.
The first steps where to cover the base of the canvas with gesso.
Next I layered the chipboard, ribbon and some strips of paper, then covered it all in gesso again.
There are also 3 different mist colour sprays on here too.
For some extra texture and dimension, I used a plastic picnic knife edge to spread the pastes.
After the gesso applications, Hunter and I went out to play with the Cows and Horses on my Mum's farm. It was a good way for me to pass time allowing the pastes to dry. I'm a very impatient crafter!
Since this canvas is very white on white, for the pops of colour I've used some cute flowers.  
 Memory Maze product used;
Thank you again for joining me. I am so excited to be working with the amazing Memory Maze products as I've been a fan for many years! I'm also very honoured to be crafting along side some of the most talented scrappers in Australia. The ideas and brilliant pieces that are being created with the MM products, I'm sure will supply you with endless amounts of upcoming inspiration.
Until next time, happy scrapping.
Toni.. xoxo


  1. You have done a fantastic job Jodie sending you crafting love

  2. Just stunning with a lovely vintage feel to it.