Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sally here for my post titled FAMILY TIMES

Sally here for my post, titled FAMILY TIMES for Memorymaze laser cuts.

Have you ever sat down designed away , happy with what you saw , walk away and come back and wonder what in blazes you thought you were doing.
Was obviously trying too hard, had to change backgrounds mid stream and it just wasn't working.

I was working with one of the Memory maze printer tray frames and love the finished product, all finished and I ditched through the  background for a plain black. Happy as.

Printers Tray frame 

Family Times

One of the new Multi pack titles for workshops and Classes.

 I have handmade all the flowers for this layout using a  daisy punch , stamens and NEW white 
superfine glitter now available on site

Decorative Heart C0168

 The bottom features the Memorymaze Decorative heart 

          I also used the Mini 4x4 stencil micro dots for effect when stamp pad coloring the frame 

                           Thanks for taking the time to look, and please share away with your friends 

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  1. This is gorgeous
    Can't wait to do mine now xxx