Sunday, April 26, 2015

Living everyday ANZAC by Tracey Campbell

With ANZAC Day yesterday, I thought that I would share a layout that I did which kind of reflects that. My career is with the Navy so every day I work and think of the ANZAC tradition. To me it is just not one day a year to remember .... it is every day! Proud to serve Australia! 

Women In Uniform

This layout is a tribute to some of the great friends I have made whilst in the Navy and to all the women and men that have served today and in the past. The military life is all about the work and the friends we make and lose along the way.

I wanted to create a wet look on my layout as there are many days at sea that are nothing but blue skies and cold water.

 I glued all the chipboard pieces to the cardstock and then painted very roughly with white gesso. Once dried I held the cardstock up vertically and sprayed a very generous amount of blue mist so that it dribbled down the page.

I have used the following Memory Maze products:

The Cold, Wet & Sea Sick, Enlisted On and Life at Sea are from Memory Maze but are not yet in the store, so if you are interested in them please e-mail Sally and she can add them to your order.

Xtreme Little Dare Devil

 I took this photos a few years ago on an extremely high outdoor climbing adventure play ground. I had a hard time climbing up some of the heights but Bronte just scaled it and never stopped or looked back. Needless to say she is one brave little Dare Devil

For the title words I simply inked them a teal colour and then applied a red ink through one of the very versatile Memory Maze Stencils.

The arrows I just left raw as I wanted them to reflect the rope net in the photos.

I have used the following Memory Maze products:

Xtreme Title

 Thanks for stopping by and hope you all take time to remember all our ANZACs.


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  1. Awesome pages. I love the monochromatic tones of the blue.