Saturday, July 21, 2018

Mixed Media Canvas by Sarah

Hello crafty friends, Sarah here with a mixed media project using some of the alphabet and number stencils from Memorymaze. Lets' take a look...
This 16X20 inch canvas sheet was largely inspired by the artist Nina Ribena. If you havent seen her work, she does some great Youtube tutorials that are easy to follow along with. I started by covering the canvas with swipes of colour using an old credit card. I used a mixture of dark and light but you could apply what ever colours you iike.
From here you then build the layers using stencils and other objects. I used a variety of Memorymaze stencils for this project. Some of my favorite at the moment are the individual letter and number stencils. They are 40mm and perfect for this kind of project to add to the background but would be fantastic for cards or scrapbook layouts. You can see the "A" and "2" on this project. Stencilled in black, they make the background colours just pop!
Once you have applied layers of colours with various stencils, you can use items such as bottle tops, edges of a credit card to make further marks on the canvas. The difficult thing is knowing when in fact to stop! Let's take a closer look at some elements on the canvas.
I hope you enjoyed this project and will give it a go yourself. Pull out your stencils....maybe buy some more....and have some fun! I'm off to play with some more colour combinations on some more canvas pieces. Until next time....

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